Thomas Krafft

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OBJECTIVE Due to rising health care costs there is a need to verify that the treatment by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems is efficient and cost effective. The integration of emergency physicians is inherent part of out-of-hospital emergency care and regulated by law in Germany but not in England and the United States of America. Aim of this study(More)
AIM The aim of this prospective study was the comparison of four emergency medical service (EMS) systems-emergency physician (EP) and paramedic (PM) based-and the impact of advanced live support (ALS) on patients status in preclinical care. METHODS The EMS systems of Bonn (GER, EP), Cantabria (ESP, EP), Coventry (UK, PM) and Richmond (US, PM) were(More)
To investigate the lag effects and seasonal differences of urban air quality change on human health, we carried out a time-series analysis of daily general practitioner consultations for allergic rhinitis (AR) in Beijing, China. In earlier publications we had assessed the relative risks of air pollutants on AR in Beijing during the period 2009-2010. This(More)
Increasing human health and longevity is of global interest. Environmental, genetic, and stochastic factors all affect longevity. Among these factors, the environment is extremely important. To investigate the relationship between the environment and longevity, we studied the environment in Zhongxiang (China), where the inhabitants commonly have long life(More)
BACKGROUND Most studies on air pollution exposure and its associations with human health in China have focused on the heavily polluted industrial areas and/or mega-cities, and studies on cities with comparatively low air pollutant concentrations are still rare. Only a few studies have attempted to analyse particulate matter (PM) for the vibrant economic(More)
The scope of the International Health Regulations of 2005 (IHR (2005)) has been expanded. The IHR (2005) are no longer limited to a specific set of infectious diseases, instead they prescribe detection and assessment of any event of potential public health concern regardless of its source or origin. We examine events of non-infectious origin that might(More)
BACKGROUND We assessed the local implementation of syndromic surveillance (SyS) as part of the European project 'System for Information on, Detection and Analysis of Risks and Threats to Health' in Santander, Spain. METHODS We applied a cumulative sum algorithm on emergency department (ED) chief complaints for influenza-like illness in the seasons 2010-11(More)
BACKGROUND The provision of general practitioners (GPs) in Germany still relies mainly on the ratio of inhabitants to GPs at relatively large scales and barely accounts for an increased prevalence of chronic diseases among the elderly and socially underprivileged populations. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) is one of the major cost-intensive diseases with(More)
Trace element content in hair is affected by the age of the donor. Hair samples of subjects from four counties in China where people are known to have long lifespan (“longevity counties”) were collected and the trace element content determined. Samples were subdivided into three age groups based on the age of the donors from whom these were taken: children(More)
To investigate the effects of urban air quality change on health, we carried out a time-series analysis of daily general practitioner consultations for allergic rhinitis (AR) in Beijing, China. Non-parametric generalized additive model (GAM) was used to analyze the highly non-linear or non-monotonic exposure-response relationship between three air(More)