Thomas Kovac

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Using the matrix factorization technique in machine learning is very common mainly in areas like recommender systems. Despite its high prediction accuracy and its ability to avoid over-fitting of the data, the Bayesian Probabilistic Matrix Factorization algorithm (BPMF) has not been widely used because of the prohibitive cost. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Data are expressed in the comparable manner through the method of defined daily doses (DDD), which has been adopted for drugs in our country according to the internationally agreed method of drug utilization [Stanulović et al. 1981]. Together with Iceland, Novi Sad had the lowest insulin utilization in 1976, the rate being 1.7 DDD/1000 inhabitants per day.(More)
BACKGROUND The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has infected at least 27,443 individuals and killed 11,207, based on data until 24 June, 2015, released by the World Health Organization (WHO). This outbreak has been characterised by extensive geographic spread across the affected countries Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and by localized hotspots within these(More)