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NATO war medical doctrine was applied in the war in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, due to rather specific martial and organizational circumstances, the doctrine had to be modified. sometimes substantially. A medical team from the war hospital in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina describes their work with respect to the four-echelon NATO doctrine. The(More)
Using the matrix factorization technique in machine learning is very common mainly in areas like recommender systems. Despite its high prediction accuracy and its ability to avoid over-fitting of the data, the Bayesian Probabilistic Matrix Factorization algorithm (BPMF) has not been widely used because of the prohibitive cost. In this paper, we propose a(More)
The developed framework can automatically extract a plane with minimal corpus callosum area while simultaneously segmenting it. The method used, introduced by Ishaq, treats the corpus callosum area as a function of the plane extraction parameters and it uses deformable registration to generate a displacement field that can be used for the calculation of the(More)
The work of the Croatian Defense Council (armed forces of the Croatian citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina) War Hospital at Sturba, outskirts of the town of Livno, is described. The hospital was established in the beginning of April and worked until September 1992. It provided services for the battlefield of approximately 100 km of a very difficult(More)
David Gruby, the founder of Medical Microbiology, is better known abroad than in his homeland. The Yugoslav public has no knowledge of him and only a small number of physicians have heard of David Gruby and his contribution to medicine. At the beginning of his career he was a passionate explorer and later a very well known practitioner. Although he had(More)
Data are expressed in the comparable manner through the method of defined daily doses (DDD), which has been adopted for drugs in our country according to the internationally agreed method of drug utilization [Stanulović et al. 1981]. Together with Iceland, Novi Sad had the lowest insulin utilization in 1976, the rate being 1.7 DDD/1000 inhabitants per day.(More)