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Searching for methods and ways to transform object-oriented legacy systems into new framework-based applications is the main intention of the ES-PRIT project FAMOOS. The partners involved expect a tremendous increase in software exibility from this approach. This results in the understanding that eeective reengineering of large-scale applications is not(More)
When applying updates on distributed network elements with SDN, intra-update states may violate desired network properties, such as drop- and loop-freeness. Current stateless approaches cannot guarantee the constancy of arbitrary network invariants (correctness) in general, yet update procedures guaranteeing certain invariants do exist. In this paper, we(More)
The M protein of Streptococcus canis (SCM) is a virulence factor and serves as a surface-associated receptor with a particular affinity for mini-plasminogen, a cleavage product of the broad-spectrum serine protease plasmin. Here, we report that SCM has an additional high-affinity immunoglobulin G (IgG) binding activity. The ability of a particular S. canis(More)
Updating a network is an essential and continual task in the management of today's softwarized networks. When applying updates on distributed network elements, desired network properties, such as drop- and loop-freeness, might be transiently violated. Although being crucial, update consistency has yet been less considered in network management. In this(More)
Streptococcus pneumoniae is a widespread colonizer of the mucosal epithelia of the upper respiratory tract of human. However, pneumococci are also responsible for numerous local as well as severe systemic infections, especially in children under the age of five and the elderly. Under certain conditions, pneumococci are able to conquer the epithelial(More)
Recent years have seen an evolution of SDN control plane architectures, starting from simple monolithic controllers, over modular monolithic controllers, to distributed controllers. We observe, however, that today's distributed controllers still exhibit inflexibility with respect to the distribution of control logic. Therefore, we propose a novel(More)
Pneumonia is one of the major health care problems in developing and industrialized countries and is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality. Despite advances in knowledge of this illness, the availability of intensive care units (ICU), and the use of potent antimicrobial agents and effective vaccines, the mortality rates remain high(1).(More)
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