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Automats for patch clamping suspended cells in whole-cell configuration must (1) bring isolated cells in contact with patch contacts, (2) form gigaseals, and (3) establish stable intracellular access that allows for high quality recording of ionic currents. Single openings in planar substrates seem to be intriguing simple solutions for these problems, but(More)
Audio guides are a common way to provide museum visitors with an opportunity for personalized, self-paced information retrieval. However, this personalization conflicts with some of the reasons many people go to museums, i.e., to socialize, to be with friends, and to discuss the exhibit as they experience it [1]. We developed an interactive museum(More)
The cardiac late Na (+) current is generated by a small fraction of voltage-dependent Na (+) channels that undergo a conformational change to a burst-gating mode, with repeated openings and closures during the action potential (AP) plateau. Its magnitude can be augmented by inactivation-defective mutations, myocardial ischemia, or prolonged exposure to(More)
In this paper, we present the results of a user study with a bimanual haptic setup. The goal of the experiment was to evaluate if Guiard's theory of the bimanual frame of reference can be applied to interaction tasks in virtual environments (VE) with haptic rendering. This theory proposes an influence of the non-dominant hand (NDH) on the dominant hand(More)
When learning ultrasound (US) imaging, trainees must learn how to recognize structures, interpret textures and shapes, and simultaneously register the 2D ultrasound images to their 3D anatomical mental models. Alleviating the cognitive load imposed by these tasks should free the cognitive resources and thereby improve the learning process. We argue that the(More)