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From Classroom to Learning Community
When a faculty member decides to take the plunge and enter the world of learning communities, what changes? Everything, says the author.
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Personal Growth in the Classroom: Dartmouth, Dixon, and Humanistic Psychology.
ARL Rogers, a psychologist known for his nondirective, client-centered method, has, since 1967, been involved in a project designed to effect self-directed change in the Immaculate Heart schools, aExpand
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Electronic Revolution at the Educational Crossroads: Foot-Dragging on Campus.
proudly take them on, praising ourselves for our bold foresight when, in reality, much of the world has passed us by. With the new technologies related to the Inter net, education is faced with aExpand
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From the Myth of the Frontier unto the Rise of Economy: The Western and Serial Complexity in Deadwood
When Robert Altman made McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) his idea was not to direct a Western. In fact he didn’t like the genre at all. Altman always wanted to tell something true about AmericanExpand
Studies in American Jewish Literature (review)
lean my head against the couch and surprise myself: in the fever of reimagining my case, I doze off on the couch." Or later on we have-"God is neither underachiever nor overachiever. He is maker andExpand
The Non-Coherence of the Franks Casket: Reading Text, Image, and Design on an Early Anglo-Saxon Artifact
This article argues for a rereading of the eighth-century Franks Casket. Expand
Traditional Approaches to Monolingual Lexicography
Lexicography is properly the practice of writing dictionaries, and more generally of compiling and recording information about the lexicon of a language and presenting it effectively to native or non-native speakers and learners of the language. Expand
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