Thomas Kinkeldei

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— Flexible large area electronics promise to enable new devices such as rollable displays and electronic skins. Radio frequency (RF) applications demand circuits operating in the megahertz regime, which is hard to achieve for electronics fabricated on amorphous and temperature sensitive plastic substrates. Here, we present self-aligned amorphous indium–(More)
The fabrication of electronic devices, such as gas sensors on flexible polymer substrates, enables the use of electronics in applications where conventional devices on stiff substrates could not be used. We demonstrate the development of a new intra-tube electronic-nose (e-nose) gas sensor device with multiple sensors fabricated and integrated on a flexible(More)
In this work we present a technology to integrate electronic devices into textiles at the yarn level. This enables the fabrication of electronic textiles that remain bendable and are therefore suitable for sensor integration into clothing (e.g. to measure physiological signals). This technology is applied to integrate digital silicon based temperature(More)
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