Thomas Kienzl

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The MRI mixed reality interface provides three degrees of freedom (two coordinates and one angle) control for real-time 3D visualization applications. As opposed to commonly known control devices, the MRI does not demand any training or experience. Instead, operating it can be learned by watching other people use it. This property makes it useful for a(More)
Changeable markers afford completely new possibilities of interaction on a tangible user interface. The heart of the solution are changeable markers, which enable new, complex possibilities of interaction design, which upgrades a TUI from a classic presentation tool to a work tool. Applications on the TW become of interest to non-users and professionals due(More)
All three of us share a fascination for strange attractors, since visual media observation reveals the underlying differential equation to be far less abstract. During the 19th century, 3D plaster models of mathematical functions were produced in Germany and globally distributed. These forms later inspired numerous 19thand 20th-century artists and were for(More)
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