Thomas Kander

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OBJECTIVE To identify reliable predictors of outcome in comatose patients after cardiac arrest using a single routine EEG and standardized interpretation according to the terminology proposed by the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society. METHODS In this cohort study, 4 EEG specialists, blinded to outcome, evaluated prospectively recorded EEGs in the(More)
BACKGROUND Dextran-70 is a more potent plasma volume expander than albumin but use has been hampered because of it's antithrombotic properties. However, also albumin has antithrombotic properties and little is known about relative effects of these two colloids on coagulation in-vivo when controlling for differences in efficacy as plasma volume expanders. (More)
BACKGROUND Of patients undergoing surgery, 22 to 57% have been reported to be using naturopathic medicines. Several of these medicines have been reported to increase bleeding or enhance the effect of other drugs that increase bleeding. The Swedish Medical Products Agency recommends cessation of the use of the naturopathic medicines echinacea, fish oil,(More)
Mild induced hypothermia is used for neuroprotection in patients successfully resuscitated after cardiac arrest. Temperature-dependent effects on rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM(®)) assays with EXTEM(®), FIBTEM(®), or APTEM(®) in cardiac arrest patients have not previously been studied. Ten patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest who underwent(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to prospectively explore the detailed longitudinal development of platelet increments in patients with chemotherapy-induced bone marrow aplasia during the first 24 hours after platelet transfusion. METHODS Patients admitted to the Haematology department during 7 months, and fulfilled inclusion criteria were divided(More)
Background and aims The vasopressin analogue desmopressin has demonstrated efficacy in decreasing bleeding time by increasing the circulating levels of coagulation factor VIII and von Willebrand factor, but also by direct effects on platelets. Previous studies have demonstrated contrasting results regarding the effect of desmopressin on platelets in vitro.(More)
BACKGROUND Comatose survivors after cardiac arrest are treated with mild induced hypothermia and potent platelet- inhibiting drugs after coronary stenting. Previous studies have shown an increased incidence of stent thrombosis during clopidogrel and aspirin treatment in conjunction with induced hypothermia. The aim of this study was to investigate the in(More)
Vitamin K is known for supporting the carboxylation of hepatic coagulation proteins. Levels of proteins induced by vitamin K absence for factor II (PIVKA-II) reflect hypocarboxylated prothrombin and can be used to detect subclinical vitamin K deficiency. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of perioperative subclinical vitamin K deficiency(More)