Thomas K. Graves

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During the development of obesity, adipose tissue undergoes major expansion and remodeling, but the biological processes involved in this transition are not well understood. The objective of this study was to analyze global gene expression profiles of adipose tissue in dogs, fed a high-fat diet, during the transition from a lean to obese phenotype. Nine(More)
Abstract We measured dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and epinephrine concentrations in the paraventricular nucleus and median eminence, and corticotrophin-releasing factor levels in the paraventricular nucleus. Tissue was isolated by micropunch technique from hypothalami of normal dogs, dogs treated for one week with dexamethasone (1 mg/kg/day) and dogs(More)
The objective was to evaluate the effects of dietary macronutrients and feeding frequency on blood glucose, insulin, total ghrelin and leptin. A total of twelve adult lean neutered male cats were used in three tests, all cross-over studies composed of a 15 d adaptation and blood sampling on day 16. In trial 1, differences between two- and four-meal feeding(More)
Although veterinary clinicians commonly rely on panels of laboratory tests with individual results flagged when abnormal, care should be taken in interpreting normal test results as well. There are several examples of this in evaluating patients with endocrine disease. The finding of a normal leukogram (absence of a stress leukogram) can be indicative of(More)
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