Thomas Josef Jung

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A coherent optical RF channelizer has been constructed and characterized. The optical channelizer is based on a free-space optical diffraction grating, and utilizes coherent optical heterodyne detection to translate all of the frequency channels to a common intermediate frequency (IF). The designed optical channelizer has a 1-GHz channel spacing, and a(More)
Directly modulated fiber-optic links offers significant advantages in system cost and complexity. However, they often suffer from high link loss and inferior RF performance compared with externally modulated links. In this paper, we have experimentally investigated tbe amplitude modulation (AM) elfieiency, modulation bandwidth, and the nonlinear distortions(More)
We report on a novel monolithic distributed traveling wave photodetector with parallel optical feed to an array of individual photodiodes using an integrated multimode interference (MMI) coupler to attain high saturation current. The parallel optical feed reduces the maximum photocurrent and photocurrent density seen by any single photodiode, thus(More)
AbnroccWe hsvr experimen11IIy invedigalcd the dynamic pcrformnnrr and the rvppreuion of nonlinear distortioos of a mooolithir optical injectionlmkd d i d h u t e d Lcdhnek (DFB) Inrcr. The mPIter smd the slave lasers ire monolithieslly integrated in P single strip of strongly rouplrd DFB laser. Optical injection Iwking i s xhievcd by ~urrent uning. The(More)
Sub-carrier-multiplexed (SCM) fiber optic systems have received much attention for local access networks, fiber radios, and cable television distributions [l]. With SCM, multiple channels of analog videos and digital telephony/data can all be simultaneously transmitted by a single optical carrier and detected by the same photodetector. Direct modulation of(More)
Simulation in the context of engineering often focuses on very special details of global systems. Robot designers usually begin with the analysis of new actuators and joint designs. This corresponds to a “bottom-up”-strategy in the development of simulation models. For classical fields of application of robotics, e.g. in production plants with(More)
A novel optical millimeter-wave generation using sideband injection locking is demonstrated using monolithic two-section DFB lasers. The tunable millimeter-wave is generated by adjusting the RF-modulation frequency and bias currents. Summary The optical generation of millimeter-wave has been demonstrated and attracted much attention because of its(More)
CW injection locking of mode-locked semiconductor lasers has been experimentally demonstrated. The phases of the mode-locked frequency comb are shown to be coherent with that of the master CW laser. The pulsewidth of the mode-locked laser remains almost unchanged (<2 ps) for a broad range of injection power ( 28 to 12 dBm). Pulling of the entire modelocked(More)
The base attitude of a free floating space robot may change while performing a motion with its manipulator. This dynamic coupling complicates the motion planning of the space robot and must be taken into account in order to reach a target point with a desired end-effector pose. However, the free floating mode is useful, because of its energy efficiency, and(More)
Coherent photonic systems promise novel functionality and/or improved performance compared to direct detection photonic systems, but have the disadvantage of being sensitive to optical phase noise. The most common approach to this problem is to force one laser to track the phase of the other with a phase locked loop (PLL), so that the phase noise of the(More)