Thomas Josef Jung

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Directly modulated fiber-optic links offers significant advantages in system cost and complexity. However, they often suffer from high link loss and inferior RF performance compared with externally modulated links. In this paper, we have experimentally investigated tbe amplitude modulation (AM) elfieiency, modulation bandwidth, and the nonlinear distortions(More)
—We report on a novel monolithic distributed traveling wave photodetector with parallel optical feed to an array of individual photodiodes using an integrated multimode interference (MMI) coupler to attain high saturation current. The parallel optical feed reduces the maximum photocurrent and photocurrent density seen by any single photodiode, thus(More)
  • Sagi Mathai, Federica Cappelluti, Thomas Jung, Dalma Novak, Rodney B Waterhouse, Deborah Sivco +3 others
  • 2000
—A novel balanced electroabsorption modulated pho-tonic link for simultaneous suppression of even-order distortions, third-order distortions, laser relative intensity noise (RIN), and common amplified spontaneous emission noise at the same modu-lator bias point was experimentally demonstrated for the first time. By biasing the balanced electroabsorption(More)
We demonstrate the mode locking of external-cavity semiconductor lasers by using a saturable Bragg reflector as an external reflector. Output pulses of 1.9 ps were generated from the semiconductor lasers without dispersion compensation. By coupling the output to a standard single-mode filter with a length of 35 m to compensate for the linear chirp, we have(More)
A simplified monolithic optical injection locking system using a two section DFB laser is demonstrated. The operating wavelength of the two sections is current tuned to acheve optical injection locking; when locked the modulation bandwidth is increased from lOGHz to 23 GHz. Summary Strong optical injection locking has been demonstrated to improve the(More)