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BACKGROUND beta-Alanine (betaA) has been shown to improve performance during cycling. This study was the first to examine the effects of betaA supplementation on the onset of blood lactate accumulation (OBLA) during incremental treadmill running. METHODS Seventeen recreationally-active men (mean +/- SE 24.9 +/- 4.7 yrs, 180.6 +/- 8.9 cm, 79.25 +/- 9.0 kg)(More)
An International Polar Year aerogeophysical investigation of the high interior of East Antarctica reveals widespread freeze-on that drives substantial mass redistribution at the bottom of the ice sheet. Although the surface accumulation of snow remains the primary mechanism for ice sheet growth, beneath Dome A, 24% of the base by area is frozen-on ice. In(More)
An in-model data acquisition system has been developed that can accept inputs fiom various sensors and transfer the data wirelessly to an access point outside a wind tunnel's test section. This system was developed as a potential alternative to the current state of wind tunnel data collection, which requires the use of long lengths of cable carrying(More)
Mining throughout the Floridan aquifer system alters groundwater conditions. Determination of magnitude and extent of groundwater alterations in this regional karst aquifer system is difficult due to preferential flow paths, blasting, and widespread aquifer withdrawals and injections. Additionally, hydrologic models do not reveal subsurface impacts to the(More)