Thomas Johansson

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Respiratory response to inhalation of fine particles has been investigated for the aerosol generated by welding. Particles were sampled using a pair of 5-stage cascade impactors operating at 1 l./min flow rate. The subject exhaled into one impactor through an air ballast arrangement, and the other impactor simultaneously sampled the surrounding air.(More)
The project "Energy and Society," sponsored by the Swedish Secretariat for Futures Studies, has studied different indigenous energy sources as alternatives to imported oil in Sweden. One alternative is nuclear energy, antoer is renewable energy. Large uncertainties are associated with both alternatives today. The main characteristics of an energy policy for(More)
A system for interstitial photodynamic therapy with delta-aminolaevulinic acid and multiple optical fibers has been developed. The system enables photodynamic treatment of large embedded tumor volumes and utilizes real-time measurements to allow on-line dosimetry. Important parameters such as light fluence rate, sensitizer fluorescence intensity, and(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Coniferous forest Insect damage mapping Time-series data MODIS NDVI WDRVI Pine sawfly Insect damage is a general problem that disturbs the growth of forests, causing economic losses and affecting carbon sequestration. Coarse-resolution data from satellites are potentially useful for national and regional mapping of forest(More)
Based on the assumption that credibility assessments function as 'normative leakage' within the asylum process, we analyse how narratives of gender and class are articulated, rendered meaningful, or silenced in credibility assessments. Two cases concerning male applicants are selected in order to illustrate these processes. In relation to the existing(More)
The aim of the article is to analyze and to critically examine use of the concept of heteronormativity. We find it important to adjust the concept to some extent in order to analyze, for example, changes occurring in homosexual families, contemporary gender-equal families, or the progressive youth culture. We find two approaches when using the concept. One(More)
A system for the photodynamic laser treatment of massive tumors that employs multiple optical fibers to be inserted into the tumor mass is described. The light flux through the tumor can be assessed by use of the individual fibers both as transmitters and as receivers. With a computer model that describes the diffusive light propagation, optical dosimetry(More)
A system for interstitial photodynamic therapy is used in the treatment of thick skin tumors. The system allows simultaneous measurements of light fluence rate, sensitizer fluorescence, and tissue oxygen saturation by using the same fibers as for therapeutic light delivery. Results from ten tumor treatments using delta-aminolevulinic acid (ALA)-induced(More)
In many respects traditional automation in the forest-machine industry has reached an upper limit, since the driver already has to deal with an excess of information and take too many decisions at a very high pace. To further automation still, introduction of semi-autonomous and autonomous functions are expected and considered necessary. This paper(More)