Thomas Jansen

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The Fourier volume rendering technique operates in the frequency domain and creates line integral projections of a 3D scalar field. These projections can be efficiently generated in) log O(2 N N time by utilizing the Fourier Slice-Projection theorem. However, until now, the mathematical difficulty of the Fast Fourier Transform prevented acceleration by(More)
We introduce a novel span-triangle data structure, based on the span-space representation for isosurfaces. It stores all necessary cell information for dynamic manipulation of the isovalue in an efficient way. We have found that using our data structure in combination with point-based techniques, implemented on graphics hardware, effects in real-time(More)
In this paper we introduce the extendable cross-platform software framework Julius for medical visualization and surgical planning, consisting of two conceptual layers: the Julius Software Development Kit (JSDK) and its frontend the Julius Graphical User Interface (JGUI). Julius features a modular, platform-independent design and includes a full set of(More)
In this paper, we present a novel method for 3D segmenta-tion of the nerve channels in the human mandible that contain the nervus alveolaris inferior. The technique utilizes geodesic active surfaces that are implemented with level sets. The method consists of two steps: (i) After defining two points, which denote the entry and exit of the nerve channel, a(More)
For reconstruction of some craniofacial defects which m a y b e c a u s e d b y trauma, removal of cancer, or due to congenital absence, the procedure of bonegrafting is necessary. In this paper we propose a method to identify an optimal donor site for autologous grafts. It is done by performing an optimization of appropriate surface based and voxel based(More)
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