Thomas Jansen

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—Large-scale municipal wireless networks are currently being established all around the world. These networks provide a rich set of local services, such as tourist guides, environmental information, pedestrian navigation, and local shopping guides. As recent financial failures of prominent municipal wireless networks show, it is economically challenging to(More)
This lecture is devoted to the analyses of evolutionary algorithms which are " global in time " : The analysis concentrates on a complete run of an evolutionary algorithm, not on a small number of steps. We concentrate on evolutionary algorithms used as optimization tools. The first important question to ask about a general optimization algorithm is whether(More)
Ironically, the first lecture of the summer lecture series 2002 on evolutionary computation theory does not deal with evolutionary computation. The topic is a famous theorem known as No Free Lunch Theorem. It is concerned with optimization (or even more generally, with search) and tries to formally capture the situation of a general (randomized) search(More)
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