Thomas J. W. Clarke

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Metazoan lamins are implicated in the organization of numerous critical nuclear processes. Among chordates, the appendicularian, Oikopleura dioica, has an unusually short life cycle involving rapid growth through extensive recourse to endoreduplication, a characteristic more associated with some invertebrates. In some tissues, this is accompanied by the(More)
Multimedia applications are characterized by a largenumber of data accesses and complex array index manipulations.The built-in address decoder in the RAM memorymodel commonly used by most memory synthesis tools, unnecessarilyrestricts the freedom of address generator synthesis.Therefore a memory model in which the address decoderis decoupled from the memory(More)
Data transfer intensive applications consume a significant amount of energy in memory access. The selection of a memory location from a memory array involves driving row and column select lines. A signal transition on a row select line often consumes significantly more energy than a transition on a column select line. In order to exploit this difference in(More)
A mixture of two peptides of approximately M(r) 13000 has been isolated from a papain digest of LC2 deficient myosin. The peptides assemble into highly ordered aggregates which in one view are made up of strands of pairs of dots with an average side to side spacing of 13.0 nm and an average axial repeat of 9.0 nm. In another view there are strands of single(More)
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