Thomas J Purcell

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The in vitro cloning of DNA molecules traditionally uses PCR amplification or site-specific restriction endonucleases to generate linear DNA inserts with defined termini and requires DNA ligase to covalently join those inserts to vectors with the corresponding ends. We have used the properties of Vaccinia DNA topoisomerase I to develop a ligase-free(More)
We describe the heterologous expression of a 26.3 kD protein containing the catalytic domain of bovine enterokinase (EKL) in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris. A highly active protein is secreted and glycosylated, and it has the native amino-terminus of EKL. The cDNA encoding EKL was cloned with the KEX2 protease cleavage site following the alpha(More)
We have used design of experiments (DOE) and systematic variance to efficiently explore glutathione transferase substrate specificities caused by amino acid substitutions. Amino acid substitutions selected using phylogenetic analysis were synthetically combined using a DOE design to create an information-rich set of gene variants, termed infologs. We used(More)
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