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A fundamental issue in theoretical computer science is that of establishing unambiguous formal criteria for algorithmic output. This paper does so within the domain of computer-aided geometric modeling. For practical geometric modeling algorithms, it is often desirable to create piecewise linear approximations to compact manifolds embedded in , and it is(More)
In this study we show in mice that Ftm (Rpgrip1l) is located at the ciliary basal body. Our data reveal that Ftm is necessary for developmental processes such as the establishment of left-right asymmetry and patterning of the neural tube and the limbs. The loss of Ftm affects the ratio of Gli3 activator to Gli3 repressor, suggesting an involvement of Ftm in(More)
This paper provides computationally tractable conditions to determine whether a composite spline curve or patch self-intersects, according to a deenition that includes the important limiting cases of cusps, singularities, and tangential intersections of adjacent components. These results follow upon our exposition of necessary and suucient conditions to(More)
The homeodomain-containing transcription factor NKX3.1 is a putative prostate tumor suppressor that is expressed in a largely prostate-specific and androgen-regulated manner. Loss of NKX3.1 protein expression is common in human prostate carcinomas and prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) lesions and correlates with tumor progression. Disruption of the(More)
Given a nonsingular compact two-manifold F without boundary, we present methods for establishing a family of surfaces which can approximate F so that each approximant is ambient isotopic to F: The methods presented here offer broad theoretical guidance for a rich class of ambient isotopic approximations, for applications in graphics, animation and surface(More)
The unresolved subtleties of floating point computations in geometric mod-eling become considerably more difficult in animations and scientific visu-alizations. Some emerging solutions based upon topological considerations will be presented. A novel geometric seeding algorithm for Newton's method was used in experiments to determine feasible support for(More)
Ambient isotopic approximations are fundamental for correct representation of the embedding of geometric objects in R 3 , with a detailed geometric construction given here. Using that geometry, an algorithm is presented for efficient update of these isotopic approximations for dynamic visualization with a molecular simulation. Figure 1(a) depicts a knot 5(More)
Several independent, genome-wide association studies have identified a strong correlation between body mass index and polymorphisms in the human FTO gene. Common variants in the first intron define a risk allele predisposing to obesity, with homozygotes for the risk allele weighing approximately 3 kilograms more than homozygotes for the low risk allele.(More)
Mammalian homologues of the Drosophila Iroquois homeobox gene complex, involved in patterning and regionalization of differentiation, have recently been identified (Mech. Dev., 69 (1997) 169; Dev. Biol., 217 (2000) 266; Dev. Dyn., 218 (2000) 160; Mech. Dev., 91 (2000) 317; Dev. Biol., 224 (2000) 263; Genome Res., 10 (2000) 1453; Mech. Dev., 103 (2001) 193).(More)
Signaling of TGF-beta superfamily members is tightly controlled by an elaborate network of regulators (for recent review see Trends Genet. 15 (1999) 3; Genes Dev. 14 (2000) 627). Recently, the transmembrane protein BAMBI (BMP and activin membrane-bound inhibitor) has been shown to interfere with Bmp and activin-like signaling by inhibiting Tgf-beta type I(More)