Thomas J. Palmer

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BACKGROUND In Scotland, a national HPV immunisation programme began in 2008 for 12- to 13-year olds, with a catch-up campaign from 2008 to 2011 for those under the age of 18. To monitor the impact of HPV immunisation on cervical disease at the population level, a programme of national surveillance was established. METHODS We analysed colposcopy data from(More)
Within the field of behavior-based robotics, a useful and popular technique for robot control is that of utilitarian voting, where behaviors representing objectives assign utilities to candidate actions. Utilitarian voting allows for distributed, modular control but is not well suited to systems with very high resolution or several, dependent degrees of(More)
The real world is composed of sets of objects that have multidimensional properties and relations. Whether an agent is planning the next course of action in a task or making predictions about the future state of some object, useful task-oriented concepts are often encoded in terms of the complex interactions between the multi-dimensional attributes of(More)
—We present a method for predicting action outcomes in unstructured environments with variable numbers of participants and hidden relationships between them. For example, when pouring flour from a cup into a mixing bowl, important relations must exist between the cup and the bowl. The action P our(x, y) might depend on the precondition Above(x, y). How well(More)
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