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CONTEXT Empathy is a major component of a satisfactory doctor-patient relationship and the cultivation of empathy is a learning objective proposed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) for all American medical schools. Therefore, it is important to address the measurement of empathy, its development and its correlates in medical schools. (More)
OBJECTIVE There is a dearth of empirical research on physician empathy despite its mediating role in patient-physician relationships and clinical outcomes. This study was designed to investigate the components of physician empathy, its measurement properties, and group differences in empathy scores. METHOD A revised version of the Jefferson Scale of(More)
MORE THAN A DECADE AFTER THE INSTITUTE OF Medicine reported problems with the quality and safety of US health care, formal training of the health care workforce in quality and patient safety is still inadequate. A recently released survey of hospital leaders from the American Hospital Association (AHA) highlighted the need to educate US physicians and(More)
In 1999, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) introduced the six domains of clinical competency to the profession , 1 and in 2009, it began a multiyear process of restructuring its accreditation system to be based on educational outcomes in these compe-tencies. The result of this effort is the Next Ac-creditation System (NAS),(More)
BACKGROUND Inter-professional collaboration between physicians and nurses, within and between cultures, can help contain cost and insure better patient outcomes. Attitude toward such collaboration is a function of the roles prescribed in the culture that guide professional behavior. OBJECTIVES The purpose of the study was to test three research hypotheses(More)
This cross-cultural study was designed to compare the attitudes of physicians and nurses toward physician-nurse collaboration in the United States, Israel, Italy and Mexico. Total participants were 2522 physicians and nurses who completed the Jefferson Scale of Attitudes Toward Physician-Nurse Collaboration (15 Likert-type items, (Hojat et al., Evaluation(More)
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has launched a new shared learning collaborative as part of its larger Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) initiative. The collaboration, called Pursuing Excellence in Clinical Learning Environments, aims to improve teaching practices and patient care in the hospitals, medical centers,(More)
BACKGROUND The cost associated with education of residents is of interest from an educational as well as a political perspective. Most studies report a single institution's actual incurred costs, based on traditional cost accounting methods. We quantified the minimum instructional and program-specific administrative costs for residency training in internal(More)