Thomas J. Mulhern

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Respiratory viruses invade the upper airway of the lung, triggering a potent immune response that often exacerbates preexisting conditions such as asthma and COPD. Poly(I:C) is a synthetic analog of viral dsRNA that induces the characteristic inflammatory response associated with viral infection, such as loss of epithelial integrity, and increased(More)
The drug development pipeline is severely limited by a lack of reliable tools for prediction of human clinical safety and efficacy profiles for compounds at the pre-clinical stage. Here we present the design and implementation of a platform technology comprising multiple human cell-based tissue models in a portable and reconfigurable format that supports(More)
Choose a perspective and perception follow. Lying beneath the chassis of an automobile yields a visual field of dark, heavy lines, bars crossing, pipes connecting and wires hanging. Confront the same car while standing some distance from it and it is a colorful rhombus of chrome, steel and light reflecting glass. Establish a conceptual framework and the(More)
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