Thomas J. McKetterick

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Interactions between trajectories need to be analyzed in various domains to gain insight into movement patterns. Such interactions often take place with some delayed response. We propose an approach to analyze and visualize delayed responses on two trajectories recorded simultaneously and with the same sampling rate. Central to our approach is the(More)
Animal coordinated movement interactions are commonly explained by assuming unspecified social forces of attraction, repulsion and alignment with parameters drawn from observed movement data. Here we propose and test a biologically realistic and quantifiable biosonar movement interaction mechanism for echolocating bats based on spatial perceptual bias, i.e.(More)
Delayed dynamics result from finite transmission speeds of a signal in the form of energy, mass, or information. In stochastic systems the resulting lagged dynamics challenge our understanding due to the rich behavioral repertoire encompassing monotonic, oscillatory, and unstable evolution. Despite the vast literature, quantifying this rich behavior is(More)
The analysis of interaction between movement trajectories is of interest for various domains when movement of multiple objects is concerned. Interaction often includes a delayed response, making it difficult to detect interaction with current methods that compare movement at specific time intervals. We propose analyses and visualizations, on a local and(More)
Seed dispersal plays a significant role in forest regeneration and maintenance. Flying foxes are often posited as effective long-distance seed dispersers due to their large home ranges and ability to disperse seeds when flying. We evaluate the importance of the Madagascan flying fox Pteropus rufus in the maintenance and regeneration of forests in one of the(More)
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