Thomas J. Ireland

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More than 50% of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy. The clinical delivery of curative radiation dose is strictly restricted by the proximal healthy tissues. We propose a dual-targeting strategy using vessel-targeted-radiosensitizing gold nanoparticles and conformal-image guided radiation therapy to specifically amplify damage in the tumor(More)
Title of Document: HIGHLY SIDEROPHILE ELEMENT AND TUNGSTEN SYSTEMATICS OF HAWAIIAN PICRITES Thomas J. Ireland, Ph.D., 2009 Directed By: Professor Richard J. Walker, Department of Geology A suite of Hawaiian picrites (MgO > 13 wt.%), and associated basalts, that represent some of the most primitive melts from the Hawaiian mantle source regions were analyzed(More)
As nanoparticle solutions move towards human clinical trials in radiation therapy, the influence of key clinical beam parameters on therapeutic efficacy must be considered. In this study, we have investigated the clinical radiation therapy delivery variables that may significantly affect nanoparticle-mediated radiation dose amplification. We found a benefit(More)
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