Thomas J. Haley

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A method has been described for the study of the central effects produced by the intracerebral injection of drugs in the unanaesthetized mouse. The effects observed were in good agreement with those obtained after similar injections in cats, dogs and human beings. After intracerebral injection, drugs of diverse structure produced certain generalized(More)
Twelve hundred and fifty-one pregnant women were contacted and their infants followed to age 5 years. Nine hundred and fifty-one (76%) children completed the trial. Measurements were made of birthweight, length, head circumference, and triceps skinfold at 10 days, and of weight, height, head circumference, and triceps at 5 years. Throughout the entire(More)
A study has been made of the toxicology and pharmacology of gadolinium and samarium chlorides. The symptoms of acute toxicity following intraperitoneal injection are described. The chronic oral ingestion of both chemicals for 12 weeks produced no effects on growth or the blood picture, and only the male rats receiving gadolinium chloride showed liver(More)