Thomas J. Farrell

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iii Abstract A Monte Carlo model of steady-state light transport in multi-layered tissue (mcml) and the corresponding convolution program (conv) have been coded in ANSI Standard C. The programs can therefore be executed on a variety of computers. Dynamic data allocation is used for mcml, hence the number of tissue layers and the number of grid elements of(More)
6dF (for 6-degree eld) is a fully-automated front-end for the multi-object bre-coupled spectroscopy system of the UK Schmidt Telescope (UKST). It is a magnetic pick-place system with an (r;) positioning robot, and it will replace the manually-conngured FLAIR front-end that has been operated on the telescope in its present form since 1992. The one-hour(More)
The fluorescence of Intralipid and polystyrene microspheres with sphere diameter of 1 µm at a representative lipid and microsphere concentration for simulation of mucosal tissue scattering has not been a subject of extensive experimental study. In order to elucidate the quantitative relationship between lipid and microsphere concentration and the respective(More)
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