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Neuronatin Promotes Neural Lineage in ESCs via Ca2+ Signaling
Neural induction is the first step in the formation of the vertebrate central nervous system. The emerging consensus of the mechanisms underling neural induction is the combined influences fromExpand
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Wilms Tumor 1b Expression Defines a Pro-regenerative Macrophage Subtype and Is Required for Organ Regeneration in the Zebrafish
Summary Organ regeneration is preceded by the recruitment of innate immune cells, which play an active role during repair and regrowth. Here, we studied macrophage subtypes during organ regenerationExpand
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Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Protocol for Podocyte Isolation in Adult Zebrafish.
Zebrafish is becoming a very important model for studying human diseases. The conserved structure of the nephrons in the kidney allows the user to answer questions relating to study human kidneyExpand
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Kidney regeneration in fish.
Age-related diseases, such as kidney diseases, are becoming more prevalent in aging societies. Currently, patients with reduced kidney function require dialysis or organ transplants. Those who sufferExpand
Function and Regulation of the Wilms' Tumor Suppressor 1 (WT1) Gene in Fish.
The Wilms' tumor suppressor gene Wt1 is highly conserved among vertebrates. In contrast to mammals, most fish species possess two wt1 paralogs that have been named wt1a and wt1b. Concerning wt1 inExpand
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