Thomas J. Connolly

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Motivated by m ultimedia and perhaps other applications, this paper investigates a Partial Order Connection POC serviceeprotocol. Unlike classic transport services that deliver objects either in the exact order transmitted or according to no particular order, POC provides a partial order service; that is, a service that requires some, but not all objects to(More)
  • Dennis L Jenkins, Loren G Davis, Thomas W Stafford, Paula F Campos, Thomas J Connolly, Linda Scott Cummings +13 others
  • 2013
The Paisley Caves are the most widely accepted (by professional archaeologists) pre-Clovis site in North America. This is primarily because the directly radiocarbon-dated artifacts found with extinct megafaunal remains (horse, camel, llama, mammoth/mastodon, reindeer, and American lion) are human coprolites from which ancient dna (Pleistocene haplogroups A2(More)
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