Thomas J. Connolly

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Motivated by m ultimedia and perhaps other applications, this paper investigates a Partial Order Connection POC serviceeprotocol. Unlike classic transport services that deliver objects either in the exact order transmitted or according to no particular order, POC provides a partial order service; that is, a service that requires some, but not all objects to(More)
Under the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) in Scotland, newer approaches such as games-based learning and games-based construction are being adopted to motivate and engage students. Construction of computer games is seen by some to be a highly motivational and practical approach at engaging children at Primary Education (PE) level in computer programming(More)
The Paisley Caves in Oregon record the oldest directly dated human remains (DNA) in the Western Hemisphere. More than 100 high-precision radiocarbon dates show that deposits containing artifacts and coprolites ranging in age from 12,450 to 2295 (14)C years ago are well stratified. Western Stemmed projectile points were recovered in deposits dated to 11,070(More)
The electron field-emission (FE) characteristics of functionalized single-walled carbon-nanotube (CNT)-polymer composites produced by solution processing are reported. It is shown that excellent electron emission can be obtained by using as little as 0.7% volume fraction of nanotubes in the composite. Furthermore by tailoring the nanotube concentration and(More)
Computer games are an exceptionally popular medium across all age groups and have significantly impacted on the way that younger people and children spend their leisure time. Educationalists are hopeful that they will be able to utilise the positive attributes of computer games for educational purposes. There have been a number of studies associated with(More)
  • M Stansfield, Connolly T, Cartelli A, Jimoyiannis A, Magalhães H, Mark Stansfield +5 others
  • 2009
This paper explores a number of key issues that have been identified as being important in the identification and evaluation of best practice within the context of e-learning and virtual campuses. The 'Promoting Best Practice in Virtual Campuses' (PBP-VC) project is a two year European Commission Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)(More)
AbstrAct This chapter introduces games-based e-learning as a means of providing enriching and stimulating learning experiences within higher education and training. It highlights how e-learning has evolved and the developments that have opened the way for games-based e-learning, giving examples of specific applications. The authors hope that through gaining(More)