Thomas J. Clarke

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Recent reports suggest that historically typical sexual identity labels-"gay," "lesbian" and "bisexual"-have lost meaning and relevance for contemporary adolescents. Yet there is little empirical evidence that contemporary teenagers are "post-gay." In this brief study we investigate youths' sexual identity labels. The Preventing School Harassment survey(More)
This paper examines the viability of using integrated programmable logic as a coprocessor to support a host CPU core. This adaptive coprocessor is compared to a VLIW machine in term of both die area occupied and performance. The parametric bounds necessary to justify the adoption of an FPGA-based coprocessor are established. An abstract Field Programmable(More)
Automatic facial feature detection is typically solved by using manually segmented images to train a feature detector. In this paper, we investigate whether it is possible to improve the detection performance of such a feature detector by using additional unsegmented images. We propose a new adap-tive automatic facial feature segmentation algorithm which(More)
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