Thomas J. Bollyky

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BACKGROUND There has been tremendous progress over the last decade in the development of health products--drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics--for neglected diseases. There are now dozens of candidate products in the pipeline. PURPOSE Our purpose is to assess challenges that will arise in later-stage clinical development of these candidate health products(More)
The amount of international aid given to address noncommunicable diseases is minimal. Most of it is directed to wealthier countries and focuses on the prevention of unhealthy lifestyles. Explanations for the current direction of noncommunicable disease aid include that these are diseases of affluence that benefit from substantial research and development(More)
S ix months after his 2009 inauguration, U.S. President Obama spoke at Cairo University in Egypt and called for a new beginning in relations between the United States and Muslim-majority countries, defi ned by collaboration in science and technology ( 1). Innovation, according to the president, is the “currency of the 21st century” and the means by which(More)
Background National levels of personal health-care access and quality can be approximated by measuring mortality rates from causes that should not be fatal in the presence of effective medical care (ie, amenable mortality). Previous analyses of mortality amenable to health care only focused on high-income countries and faced several methodological(More)
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