Thomas J. Allen

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ARvH DvH JRJ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The research reported on in this book spans a period of twelve years. In that time I have been helped by many colleagues, students, innovators, and research sponsors. I have striven to make the research and this book worthy of the generous help I have been given. for giving me many valuable comments as the research proceeded. I(More)
The distinction between automatic processes and controlled processes is a central organizational theme across areas of psychology. However, this dichotomy conceals important differences among qualitatively different processes that independently contribute to ongoing behavior. The Quadruple process model is a multinomial model that provides quantitative(More)
Knowledge of how groups of people interact is important in many disciplines, e.g. organizational behavior, social network analysis, knowledge management and ubiquitous computing. Existing studies of social network interactions have either been restricted to online communities, where unambiguous measurements about how people interact can be obtained(More)
Using data from a US national probability sample of self-identified lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults (N=662), this article reports population parameter estimates for a variety of demographic, psychological, and social variables. Special emphasis is given to information with relevance to public policy and law. Compared with the US adult population,(More)
This paper adopts a resource-based perspective to understand why some universities are more successful than others at generating technology-based spinoff companies. In this respect, we derive eight hypotheses that link attributes of resources and capabilities, institutional, financial, commercial and human capital, to university spinoff outcomes. Using(More)
Our goal is to use intelligent biological inspiration to develop robots that capture the capacity of animals to traverse complex terrain. We follow two distinct but complementary strategies to meet this goal. In one, we have produced a series of robots that have mechanical and control designs increasingly more similar to those of a cockroach. The leg(More)
A year-long investigation was undertaken to determine the impact of a radical new scheme of office layout on work-related behavior, communication and performance. The office layout under investigation is best described as "non-territorial". It is an open floor plan arrangement, but goes far beyond the traditional open space office, removing not only office(More)