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Searching for similarities in large musical databases has become a common procedure. Local alignment methods, based on dynamic programming, explore all the possible matchings between two musical pieces; and as a result return the optimal local alignment. Unfortunately these very powerful methods have a very high computational cost. The exponential growth of(More)
We present below our first implementation results on a modular arithmetic library for cryptography on GPUs. Our library, in C++ for CUDA, provides modular arithmetic, finite field arithmetic and some ECC support. Several algorithms and memory coding styles have been compared: local, shared and register. For moderate sizes, we report up to 2.6 speedup(More)
Current processors typically embed many cores running at high speed. The main goal of this paper is to assess the efficiency of software parallelism for low level arithmetic operations by providing a thorough comparison of several parallel modular multiplications. Famous methods such as Barrett, Montgomery as well as more recent algorithms are compared(More)
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