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To be a successful business data processing professional, one should possess effective written and oral communication skills; therefore, any program which prepares computing students for the business world should effectively train them in this area. Of the programs that attempt to handle this situation, most merely require their students to take several(More)
Chounghwamycin A, a new antitumor antibiotic produced by a strain of Streptomyces sp. No. PL-D-5, was isolated and characterized. It appeared to belong to the actinomycin group of antibiotics from physico-chemical studies and has an empirical formula of C63H88N11O21. The antibiotic is extractable into an organic solvent from the fermentation broth,(More)
The ground and excited state interactions between p-methoxy-2-styrylquinoline (2-StQ-OMe) and different protic acids with various acid concentrations were studied in different media. Emission bands due to the hydrogen bonding complex, protonation complex and aggregation or solid complex were observed for the first time, in n-hexane. The different reaction(More)
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