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Application-driven computers for lattice gauge theory simulations have often been based on system-on-chip designs, but the development costs can be prohibitive for academic project budgets. An alternative approach uses compute nodes based on a commercial processor tightly coupled to a custom-designed network processor. Preliminary analysis shows that this(More)
QPACE is a novel parallel computer which has been developed to be primarily used for lattice QCD simulations. The compute power is provided by the IBM PowerXCell 8i processor, an enhanced version of the Cell processor that is used in the Playstation 3. The QPACE nodes are interconnected by a custom, application optimized 3-dimensional torus network(More)
A simulation tool is developed for evaluation of different policing functions in ATM networks. Simulation results show that it is generally not possible to do source policing of mean values without any restrictions on the measurement period. By introducing a virtual mean, which is a mean value measured over a predefined time interval, it is possible to do(More)
 We introduce a dynamic and stochastic transportation problem consisting of two subproblems. For parcel transportation in hub-and-spoke networks, swap containers are used to carry out hub-to-hub shipments. This constitutes a pickup and delivery problem on the operational level. On the tactical level, empty swap containers are balanced over the hub-network(More)
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