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Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) are one of several baleen whale species in the Northwest Atlantic that coexist with vessel traffic and anthropogenic noise. Passive acoustic monitoring strategies can be used in conservation management, but the first step toward understanding the acoustic behavior of a species is a good description of its acoustic(More)
Planned completion date if incomplete: Reporting: Have the project results been reported? If yes, where were the results reported? Yes. The data have been reported in the following NOAA Technical Memorandum (a followup peer-review publication is planned): Results: What is the most important result of the study? We have created a series of bioenergetic maps(More)
Soft-bodied marine invertebrates comprise a keystone component of ocean ecosystems; however, we know little of their behaviors and physiological responses within their natural habitat. Quantifying ocean conditions and measuring organismal responses to the physical environment is vital to understanding the species or ecosystem-level influences of a changing(More)
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