Thomas Holz

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  • Thomas Holz
  • Proceedings of the 28th Annual International…
  • 2004
In general, intrusion detection systems are accurate and comfortable instruments for securing computer and network resources. But one of the great unsolved problems of deploying such systems in real-life environments is the low efficiency, especially in the context of applying the host-based attack identification paradigm. In this paper, a new approach for(More)
Intrusion detection systems have proved to be an effective instrument for protecting computer and network resources. In addition to preventive security mechanisms (e.g. authentication, encryption, or access control) they provide an automatic detection of security violations. Some systems are able to reduce arising damage by the automatic execution of(More)
In recent years research activities in computer network security focus more actively on the development of effective methods in intrusion detection. The reason for this development is the rapidly increasing potential of threats to social, economical, and military information stored in information technology (IT) systems. Powerful and practically applicable(More)
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