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This dissertation examines both the subculture and social organization practices of computer hackers. The concept of normative orders (Herbert, 1998: 347) is used to explore hacker subculture in different contexts (Herbert, 1998: 347). To assess hacker social organization, I use Best and Luckenbill's (1994) framework of organizational sophistication as well(More)
Cybersecurity is a problem of growing relevance that impacts all facets of society. As a result, many researchers have become interested in studying cybercriminals and online hacker communities in order to develop more effective cyber defenses. In particular, analysis of hacker community contents may reveal existing and emerging threats that pose great risk(More)
Just prior to an international polo event, 21 horses from one team exhibited clinical signs of central nervous system disturbance, hyperexcitability, sweating, ataxia, tachycardia, dyspnea, pyrexia, and rapid death. The suspected cause of this peracute onset of illness and death included intentional contamination of feed or iatrogenic administration of(More)
Ç C YBER crimes reflect the evolution of criminal practices that have adapted to the world of information and communication technologies. Cybercriminality has become a curse of the modern world with the potential to affect every one nationally and/or internationally. Individuals, companies, governments and institutions may become victims as well as(More)
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