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Citation: Hoeren, T., 'The European liability and responsibility of providers of online-platforms such as ' Abstract Virtual platforms like Linden Lab's 'Second Life', which simulate real life, have become very popular recently. As the vast number of participants grows, the possibility of misuse grows as well. This article casts a light on possible provider(More)
Position Rainer Kuhlen für den Eingangsdialog " Geistiges Eigentum in der Informationsgesellschaft " (im Zusammenhang mit der von Thomas Hoeren vertretenen Position) im Rahmen der Konferenz der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (Information nach Bedarf bzw. individuellem Wunsch), ...
Cloud sourcing and cloud computing have become de-facto standards in recent years for a range of applications. Cloud solutions are attractive for a number of reasons including ease of use, pricing, availability, scalability, and reliability. In particular, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) whose core competencies do not include Information Technology (IT)(More)