Thomas Hirth

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Microalgae are discussed as a potential renewable feedstock for biofuel production. The production of highly concentrated algae biomass with a high fatty acid content, accompanied by high productivity with the use of natural sunlight is therefore of great interest. In the current study an outdoor pilot plant with five 30 L Flat Panel Airlift reactors (FPA)(More)
In this work, an enzyme catalyzed detoxification process of lignocellulose hydrolyzates with immobilized laccase from Trametes versicolor was developed and optimized. Further, the immobilized laccase significantly reduced the amount of toxic phenolic compounds in the xylan rich fraction (XRF) by polymerization within 1h. The insoluble products precipitated(More)
The guinea pig infected with parainfluenza 3 (P-3) has provided an animal model to study mechanisms of virus-induced asthma and airway hyperreactivity. Evidence to identify the mechanisms by which P-3 infection enhances airway hyperreactivity, however, has not been established. The present study evaluated the effect of P-3 infection on histamine release(More)
A bacterial strain named IGB-41(T) was isolated from a soil sample from an ant hill near Stuttgart, Germany. The strain was Gram-negative, rod-shaped, motile and facultatively anaerobic. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA grouped the strain IGB-41(T) within the class Betaproteobacteria into the family Neisseriaceae together with Silvimonas amylolytica(More)
Noninvasive monitoring of tissue-engineered (TE) constructs during their in vitro maturation or postimplantation in vivo is highly relevant for graft evaluation. However, traditional methods for studying cell and matrix components in engineered tissues such as histology, immunohistochemistry, or biochemistry require invasive tissue processing, resulting in(More)
Gelatin is a very promising matrix material for in vitro cell culture and tissue engineering, e.g. due to its native RGD content. For the generation of medical soft tissue implants chemical modification of gelatin improves the mechanical properties of gelatin hydrogels and the viscous behavior of gelatin solutions for liquid handling. We present a(More)
Mouse peritoneal macrophages exposed to 60 microM Fe3+ in culture showed a pronounced decline in survival rate and an enhanced capacity for lipid peroxidation, as estimated by the formation of malondialdehyde. The iron-exposed cells contain secondary lysosomes loaded with iron as demonstrated by transmission electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray(More)
Tight glycemic monitoring and control is the main goal in successful diabetes management to avoid its complications. Frequent blood glucose measurements with a combination of regimented diet, exercise and insulin administration can accomplish this task. Different methods are applied for non-invasive measurement of blood glucose concentration. Despite the(More)
With battery driven robot systems performing very sophisticated tasks, increasing demands on the power supply play a critical role. Operation breakdowns are unpredictable unless the state of the battery is known, and the overall performance should be adjusted according to reliable remaining capacity estimations. This paper addresses many of the issues(More)