Thomas Hillman

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The everyday use of smartphones with high quality built-in cameras has lead to an increase in museum visitors' use of these devices to document and share their museum experiences. In this paper, we investigate how one particular photo sharing application, Instagram, is used to communicate visitors' experiences while visiting a museum of natural history.(More)
In this paper we draw upon a number of explorations of social media activities, trying to capture and understand them as located, situated practices. This methodological endeavor spans over analyzing patterns in big data feeds (here Instagram) as well as small-scale video-based ethnographic studies of user activities. A situated social media perspective(More)
This work-in-progress paper describes initial efforts to examine two opposite cases of citizen science projects, namely Galaxy Zoo and Foldit. Early findings from two case studies suggest that the use of gamification in these citizen science projects is contested. Statements from participants indicate that Foldit and Galaxy Zoo seem to fall, respectively,(More)
  • Jennifer Cleary, Michelle Van Noy, Carl Van Horn, Davis Jenkins, Christopher Mullin, Christopher Morrett +1 other
  • 2014
1 Authors equally contributed to this paper, and are listed alphabetically. Abstract The Great Recession and several other factors have heightened concerns among policymakers and the public at large about higher education's role in employment, leading to a renewed wave of pressures, policies, and incentives to create job-driven strategies at all levels.(More)
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