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Special methodological approaches are needed, particularly in the area of modelling, to develop socio-technical systems in the field of CSCW. Engineering tasks and the development of organizational structures have to be integrated including elements of participatory design. From a theoretical background, needs for new modelling concepts can be derived:(More)
Phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN), a negative regulator of the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway, is widely involved in the regulation of protein synthesis. Here we show that the PTEN protein is enriched in cell bodies and axon terminals of purified motor neurons. We explored the role of the PTEN pathway by manipulating PTEN expression in(More)
Axonal transport and translation of beta-actin mRNA plays an important role for axonal growth and presynaptic differentiation in many neurons including hippocampal, cortical and spinal motor neurons. Several beta-actin mRNA-binding and transport proteins have been identified, including ZBP1, ZBP2 and hnRNP-R. hnRNP-R has been found as an interaction partner(More)
Bei der Entwicklung der aktuell verfügbaren E-Learning-Plattformen hat die Berücksichtigung von Datenschutzanforderungen nur unzureichend stattgefun-den. Der vorliegende Beitrag betrachtet das Thema vor dem Hintergrund der recht-lichen Gegebenheiten, aber auch aus Sicht der Ergebnisse der Privacy Diskussion im Gebiet der CSCW. Insgesamt werden dabei(More)
Characteristics of workflow management systems must be adaptable by the users themselves according to the dynamism of organizational structures and of the conditions of cooperative task performance. In the case of those systems, adaptations which are initiated by individuals also affect other users in most cases. Therefore, a process of negotiation is(More)
Patterns, which are based on in-depth practical experience, can be instructing for the design of groupware applications as socio-technical systems. On the basis of a summary of the concept of patterns - as elaborated by the architect Christopher Alexander - its adoptions within computer science are retraced and relationships to the area of groupware are(More)