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Derivative Free Surrogate Optimization for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Black Box Problems in Engineering
Optimization problems based on black boxes arise in engineering applications every day. Such black boxes typically represent the simulated or experimentally obtained behavior of systems for whichExpand
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A mixed-integer simulation-based optimization approach with surrogate functions in water resources management
We compare the performance of a genetic algorithm, the implicit filtering algorithm, and a branch-and-bound approach that uses sequential surrogate functions in a mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problem. Expand
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Applicability of surrogates to improve efficiency of particle swarm optimization for simulation-based problems
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a population-based, heuristic technique based on social behaviour that performs well on a variety of problems including those with non-convex, non-smoothExpand
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We consider a hydraulic capture application for water resources management that includes a fixed installation cost in addition to operating costs. The result is a simulationbased, nonlinear,Expand
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Prediction of the Tool Displacement for Robot Milling Applications using Co-Simulation of an Industrial Robot and a Removal Process
Industrial robots are used in a great variety of applications for handling, welding and milling operations. They represent a cost-saving and flexible alternative for machining applications. A reducedExpand
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Early Aptian bay deposits at the southern margin of the Lower Saxony Basin: Integrated Stratigraphy, palaeoenvironment and Oae 1a
The present study establishes a lithostratigraphic subdivision, a bio- and chemostratigraphy and describes the sedimentology of the Alstatte Bay at the southern margin of the Lower Saxony Basin inExpand
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Comparison and validation of implementations of a flexible joint multibody dynamics system model for an industrial robot
Abstract In this paper, different implementations of elastic joint models of industrial robots are described and compared established in ADAMS and SimMechanics. The models are intended to be used forExpand
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Analysis of Industrial Robot Structure and Milling Process Interaction for Path Manipulation
Industrial robots are used in a great variety of applications for handling, welding, assembling and milling operations. Especially for machining operations, industrial robots represent a cost-savingExpand
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DIRECT using local search on surrogates
The solution of noisy nonlinear optimization problems with nonlinear constraints and derivative information is becoming increasingly important, as many practical applications can be described by this type of problem in e.g., engineering applications. Expand
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