Thomas Hemetsberger

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The aim of our study was to monitor the protein expression profile in pituitary glands of healthy C57BL/6J mice during aging. Pituitary glands of 4-week old (immature), 3-month old (mature), and >25-month old mice were analysed by proteomic tools such as two-dimensional electrophoresis and N-terminal micro-sequencing. A change was detected in the expression(More)
Immune-cell-based approaches using cytotoxic and dendritic cells are under constant scrutiny to design novel therapies for the treatment of tumors. These strategies are hampered by the lack of efficient and economical large-scale production methods for effector cells. Here we describe the propagation of large amounts of a unique population of CD4(+)(More)
Recombinant human follicle stimulating hormone (r-hFSH) is effective and safe for controlled ovarian stimulation. Bemfola® (Finox AG, Burgdorf, Switzerland), a new biosimilar r-hFSH, has proven comparable non-clinical pharmacological profiles to those of the widely used Gonal-f® (Serono Pharma S.p.A., Bari, Italy). The objective of this study was to show(More)
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