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A unique, straight-stemmed, proximally porous-coated, modular hip arthroplasty system, coated with thin-film (5- to 9-microm), titanium-nitride ceramic, was used clinically in 130 hip arthroplasties in 117 patients who were followed over a 2- to 12-year interval (mean, 6.45 years). Harris Hip Scores demonstrated 82.3% excellent, 15.4% good, 2.3% fair, and(More)
Sinus hairs are tactile hairs of mammals, commonly also known as vibrissae or whiskers. The term " whisker " contemplates to the mystacial sinus hairs (mSH) in specific, which are situated around the snout of the animal. These mystacial sinus hairs can be moved actively to support and control sensing [1, 29]. The cyclic motion (whisking) of the mystacial(More)
We present a detailed analysis of the phase transition in the standard model at finite temperature. Using an improved perturbation theory, where plasma masses are determined from a set of one-loop gap equations, we evaluate the effective potential V ef f (ϕ, T) in next-to-leading order, i.e., including terms cubic in the gauge coupling g, the scalar(More)
  • D. Bödeker, W. Buchmüller, Z. Fodorb, T. Helbig
  • 1993
We study the decay of the metastable symmetric phase in the standard model at finite temperature. For the SU(2)-Higgs model the two wave function correction terms Z ϕ (ϕ 2 , T) and Z χ (ϕ 2 , T) of Higgs and Goldstone boson fields are calculated to one-loop order. We find that the derivative expansion of the effective action is reliable for Higgs masses(More)
One of the most challenging adaptations within the therians has been to ensure dynamic stability of the trunk during rapid locomotion in highly structured environments. A reorganization of limb mechanics and development of new sensors has taken place within their stem lineage. Rats, which have a similar lifestyle to the first therians, possess sinus hairs(More)
A user-centric architecture of infotainment content adaptation to the context is presented. The architecture uses component technologies in term of business logic and functionalities offered by social web (OpenID, FOAF) and semantic descriptions of MPEG-7 and MPEG-21. Technological alternatives are discussed and adapted to the specificity of vehicle(More)
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