Thomas Heitzer

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BACKGROUND Angiotensin II activates NAD(P)H-dependent oxidases via AT1-receptor stimulation, the most important vascular source of superoxide (O2*-). The AT1 receptor is upregulated in vitro by low-density lipoprotein. The present study was designed to test whether hypercholesterolemia is associated with increased NAD(P)H-dependent vascular O2*- production(More)
The diagnostic value of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in multiple sclerosis (MS) is uncontested. But only little information exists on its usefullness in monitoring disease activity. We describe a method of quantification that can be performed in longitudinal MRI-investigations. We used a standardized method of scanning and determined the area of(More)
Magnetic resonance scans of 74 patients with multiple sclerosis participating in a controlled trial were compared 6 months before and at the end of a 24-32 months-treatment period with either Cyclosporin A (n = 31) or Azathioprine (n = 43). Both qualitative rating and computation of lesion volume showed deterioration in more than 40% of the patients, while(More)
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