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We isolated a replication-thermosensitive mutant of the broad-host-range replicon pWV01. The mutant pVE6002 is fully thermosensitive above 35 degrees C in both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Four clustered mutations were identified in the gene encoding the replication protein of pVE6002. The thermosensitive derivative of the related plasmid pE194(More)
Serralysins are a family of metalloproteases secreted by Gram-negative bacteria into the medium in the form of inactive zymogens. Usually, all serralysin secretors have on the same operon a gene coding for a periplasmic 10-kDa protein, which is an inhibitor of the secreted protease. The recent characterization of the inhibitor of the alkaline protease from(More)
Lactobacillus fermentum is a lactic acid bacterial species commonly found in the digestive tracts of pigs and rodents and also present in man. We characterized a 5.7-kb plasmid, pLEM3, conferring erythromycin resistance, which was isolated from a porcine strain of L. fermentum. Plasmid pLEM3 established efficiently in L. fermentum, conferred high-level(More)
PrtC, a metallo-protease secreted by Erwinia chrysanthemi, is a member of the serralysin family and hence belongs to the metzincin superfamily. While the crystal structures of representatives of all metzincin subfamilies have been elucidated in the past, there is still some controversy about the reaction mechanism and the role of certain characteristic(More)
The metalloprotease clan of the metzincins derive their name from the presence of a conserved methionine residue that is located on the C-terminal side of the zinc-binding consensus sequence HEXXHXXGXXH. This methionine residue is located in a rather divergent part of the primary sequence but is structurally very well conserved. It is located under the(More)
The metzincins constitute a subclan of metalloproteases possessing a HEXXHXXGXXH/D zinc-binding consensus sequence where the three histidines are zinc ligands and the glutamic acid is the catalytic base. A completely conserved methionine is located downstream of this motif. Families of the metzincin clan comprise, besides others, astacins, adamalysins(More)
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