Thomas Hawranek

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BACKGROUND Tinea capitis is a common dermatophyte infection which constitutes an important public health problem among children worldwide. The endemic nature of scalp ringworm in Africa is perpetuated mainly by the lack of knowledge about the prevalence and carrier status, and the absence of control measures. METHODS Two hundred and nineteen(More)
A large number of allergenic proteins have now their complete cDNA sequences determined and in some cases also the 3D structures. It turned out that most allergens could be grouped into a small number of structural protein families, regardless of their biological source. Structural similarity among proteins from diverse sources is the molecular basis of(More)
BACKGROUND Severe anaphylaxis to honeybee or vespid stings is associated with a variety of risk factors, which are poorly defined. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to evaluate the association of baseline serum tryptase concentrations and other variables routinely recorded during patient evaluation with the frequency of past severe anaphylaxis after a field sting. (More)
BACKGROUND Severe side effects during venom immunotherapy (VIT) are associated with a variety of risk factors. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to evaluate the association of baseline serum tryptase concentration (BTC) and of other parameters, which are routinely recorded during patient evaluation, with the frequency of severe reactions requiring an emergency(More)
BACKGROUND Anaphylaxis is the most severe manifestation of a mast cell-dependent immediate reaction and may be fatal. According to data from the Berlin region, its incidence is 2-3 cases per 100 000 persons per year. METHOD We evaluated data from the anaphylaxis registry of the German-speaking countries for 2006-2013 and data from the protocols of the(More)
HINTERGRUND: Der Terminus Histamin-Intoleranz steht für eine ganze Reihe von Symptomen an unterschiedlichen Effektororganen, die nach dem Genuss Histamin-reicher Nahrung auftreten. Das Studienziel war, Histamin-assoziierte Beschwerden durch die Provokation mit einer standardisierten Menge an Histamin zu objektivieren und zu quantifizieren und zu prüfen, ob(More)
Anaphylaxis is the most severe reaction of an IgE-mediated hypersensitivity. Data about affected patients may help to improve our knowledge of anaphylaxis and its medical care. We analysed data from the anaphylaxis registry of German speaking countries with regard to the provoking allergens and treatment modalities of anaphylaxis in children and(More)
Pollen of the European white birch is a major source of spring pollinosis in Europe. Pollen-allergy diagnosis and treatment by specific immunotherapy commonly rely on extracts of natural origin. To gain insight into the protein content and its variability, we evaluated the profile of allergenic and non-allergenic proteins in extracts of pollen from(More)
Cladosporium herbarum is an important allergenic fungal species that has been reported to cause allergic diseases in nearly all climatic zones. 5-30% of the allergic population displays IgE antibodies against molds. Sensitization to Cladosporium has often been associated with severe asthma and less frequently with chronic urticaria and atopic eczema.(More)
The availability of allergen molecules ('components') from several protein families has advanced our understanding of immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated responses and enabled 'component-resolved diagnosis' (CRD). The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Molecular Allergology User's Guide (MAUG) provides comprehensive information on(More)