Thomas Hamborg

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OBJECTIVE Little is known about the processes and factors that account for maintenance, with several theories existing that have not been subject to many empirical tests. The aim of this study was to test how well theoretical constructs derived from the Health Action Process Approach, Rothman's theory of maintenance, and Verplanken's approach to habitual(More)
The pattern and global burden of disease has evolved considerably over the last two decades, from primarily communicable, maternal, and perinatal causes to non-communicable disease (NCD). Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has become the single most important and largest cause of NCD deaths worldwide at over 50%. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that(More)
BACKGROUND Effective programs to help children manage their weight are required. Families for Health focuses on a parenting approach, designed to help parents develop their parenting skills to support lifestyle change within the family. Families for Health V1 showed sustained reductions in overweight after 2 years in a pilot evaluation, but lacks a(More)
BACKGROUND Recruitment to trials evaluating the effectiveness of childhood obesity management interventions is challenging. We report our experience of recruitment to the Families for Health study, a randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a family-based community programme for children aged 6-11 years, versus usual care. We evaluated(More)
129 patients with thrombosis were treated with heparin for 5 d and followed with platelet counts and coagulation examinations. Of 77 patients treated with 2 different brands of hog mucosa heparin, only 1 developed persistent thrombocytopenia below 100 X 10(9)/1. Of 52 patients treated with beef lung heparin, 1 patient developed thrombocytopenia. No patient(More)
Growing interest in stratified medicine is leading to increasing importance of subgroup analyses in confirmatory clinical trials. Conventionally, confirmatory clinical trials either focus on a subgroup identified in advance or assess subgroup effects once the trial is completed. The focus of this article is methodology for adaptive clinical trials that both(More)
Exercise intolerance is an important comorbidity in patients with CKD. Anaerobic threshold (AT) determines the upper limits of aerobic exercise and is a measure of cardiovascular reserve. This study investigated the prognostic capacity of AT on survival in patients with advanced CKD and the effect of kidney transplantation on survival in those with reduced(More)
ClustDB is a tool for the identification of perfect matches in large sets of sequences. It is faster and can handle at least 8 times more data than VMATCH, the most memory efficient exact program currently available. Still ClustDB needs about four hours to compare all Human ESTs. We therefore present a distributed and parallel implementation of ClustDB to(More)
BACKGROUND There is currently no effective preoperative assessment for patients undergoing kidney transplantation that is able to identify those at high perioperative risk requiring admission to critical care unit (CCU). We sought to determine if functional measures of cardiovascular reserve, in particular the anaerobic threshold (VO₂AT) could identify(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with chronic kidney failure (CKF) experience impaired functional cardiovascular reserve with reduced oxygen consumption at peak exercise (VO(2peak)). No studies have examined whether this is related to impaired cardiovascular compliance as a consequence of loss of adaptive structural alterations, resulting from chronic uremia or(More)