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  • T Haenel
  • 1984
The term psychogenic or reactive psychosis is used to describe a psychotic state which is experience-related and triggered by a precipitating event. Experimental studies have confirmed that under total sensory deprivation man responds by exhibiting psychotic reactions within a short time. Emotion psychoses, brief reactive psychoses are psychotic reactions(More)
  • T Haenel
  • 1979
On the fourth of June 1923 the Psychiatric out-patient clinic was opened in the city of Basle as an administratively affiliated, but locally separated department of the Psychiatric University Hospital. The first head of the Psychiatric out-patient clinic was Jakob Klaesi, who was a head-physician in the Friedmatt at the same time. The life and work of the(More)
  • T Haenel
  • 1985
After some reflections upon the phenomenon of falling/jumping, the fall from a height and its meaning in fairy tales, in literature and in history is discussed. Eight casuistics with fatal and non-fatal issue serve to shed light on the psychodynamics which precipitate such acts. Referring to world-famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the(More)
A total of 71 patients (12 males and 59 females) who attended the University Skin Clinic of Basle in the years 1956-1982, have been investigated by a dermatologist, a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Among 55 female patients (group I and II) 14 had a suicide attempt in their history. Of the 39 female patients of group I 25 (64%) had suffered from a(More)
  • T Haenel
  • 1983
The superstitious person makes use of various projective mechanisms and establishes a connection between two events or between an object and an event which are not causally related. Superstition can be understood as a narcissistic attempt at compensation by persons lacking self-confidence, who feel themselves to be under an existential threat. Religious(More)
35 female patients with dermatological artefacts being treated in the University Skin Clinic Basel have been investigated by a dermatologist, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist. The testpsychological examination with the Color Pyramid Test and the Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration Test yielded a striking uniform picture: The patients showed strong intrapsychic(More)
For the first time in Switzerland, patients were followed up who had become paraplegic after a suicidal attempt, and who had to spend a certain time in a center for paraplegics (corresponding to 3 % of all traumatically induced cases of myeloparalysis). Records and catamnestic data of patients with paraplegia after suicidal attempt during the years 1982 -(More)
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