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America and the Rogue States
The Rogue Phenomenon Iraq - Rogue State in an Ancient Land Iran - Ace of Axis of Evil North Korea - Blackmailing Rogue Lesser Rogues and Troublesome States
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Portugal in Africa: A Noneconomic Interpretation
Contemporary critics of Portugal's presence in Africa charge that economic exploitation is the basis of Portuguese colonialism. They often emphasize, to the exclusion of other factors, economicExpand
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Barack Hussein Obama and the New Retrenchment
This chapter depicts how weariness with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq figured in Barrack Obama’s presidential election and his policies. By being the un-Bush president, Obama is seen reversingExpand
Kosovo: Round Two in the Balkans
For the United States, the Dayton Accord was merely a prelude to another gathering storm in nearby Kosovo. Regarded as the birthplace of Serbian nationalism, the Kosovo province was left out of theExpand
George Herbert Walker Bush: A Disorderly World
Henriksen argues that the end of the Cold War removed the Soviet Union lodestone that orientated US foreign policy since 1945. The disorderly world opened the door for cycler internationalExpand
The Rogue Phenomenon
A small crowd gathered in Baghdad’s Firdos Square as US military forces overran Iraq’s violent and chaotic capital.1 Passersby took turns smashing a sledgehammer into Saddam Hussein’s statue to noExpand