Thomas H. Cormen

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problems<lb>To understand the class of polynomial-time solvable problems, we must first have a formal<lb>notion of what a "problem" is. We define an abstract problem Q to be a binary relation on a<lb>set I of problem instances and a set S of problem solutions. For example, an instance for<lb>SHORTEST-PATH is a triple consisting of a graph and two vertices.(More)
The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) plays a key role in many areas of computational science and engineering. Although most one-dimensional FFT problems can be solved entirely in main memory, some important classes of applications require out-of-core techniques. For these, use of parallel I/O systems can improve performance considerably. This paper shows how to(More)
Although several algorithms have been developed for the Parallel Disk Model (PDM), few have been implemented. Consequently, little has been known about the accuracy of the PDM in measuring I/O time and total running time to perform an out-of-core computation. This paper analyzes timing results on multiple-disk platforms for two PDM algorithms, out-of-core(More)
This paper describes the functionality of ViC*, a compiler for a variant of the data-parallel language C* with support for out-of-core data. The compiler translates C* programs with shapes declared outofcore, which describe parallel data stored on disk. The compiler output is a SPMD-style program in standard C with I/O and library calls added to e ciently(More)