Thomas H. Bredt

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Necessary and sufficient conditions are given for the existence of static and dynamic hazards in combinational circuits that undergo multiple input changes. These theorems are applied in the analysis of modules, such as the wye module, that have been proposed for asynchronous systems. We show that unless internal module delays are strictly less than delays(More)
A specification of the monitor primitives that have been proposed for mutual exclusion and interprocess communication in operating systems is verified to be correct. The specification is given in the PASCAL programming language and the proofs of correctness use the axiomatic definition of this language. Two aspects of correctness are considered: the(More)
A formal analysis procedure for hardware and software computer systems is described. A system is described by a flow table model. The concept of an output hazard is introduced to account for effects of unbounded line delays. Necessary and sufficient conditions for the abs@nce of output hazards are given. A system that contains no output hazards is said to(More)
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