Thomas H. Bredt

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  • Y T H Bredt, Stanford Electroilics Luboria, Or~es, H Bredt, T H Bredt
  • 1998
The work of Adams, Karp and Miller, Luconi, and Rodriguez on formal models for parallel computations and computer systems is reviewed. A general definition of a parallel schema is given so that the similarities and differences of the models can be discussed. Primary emphasis is on the control structures used to achieve parallel operation and on properties(More)
ABsTRAcr This paper discusses how n components, which may be programs or circuits, in a computer system can be controlled so that (1) at most one component may perform a designated "critical" operation at any instant and (2) if one component wants to perform its critical operation , it is eventually allowed to do so. This control problem is known as the(More)
A flow table model is defined for parallel computer systems. In this model, fundamental-mode flow tables are used to describe the operation of system components, which may be programs or circuits. Components communicate by changing the values on interconnecting lines which carry binary level signals. It is assumed that there is no bound on the time for(More)
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